Francis Marie Photography Blog

  1. Alison & Lauren’s Engagement Session!

    02 Dec 2017
    This past week we spent an amazing morning photographing recently engaged couple Alison and Lauren. The brides to be, who recently relocated from Chicago to the east coast, were in town for Thanksgiving, so we took advantage of the opportunity—and relatively balmy weather— to meet up and get to know…

  2. Kenzie & Chris’s Sneak Peek!

    12 Nov 2017
    Recently we traveled north of Chicago to Libertyville, IL to photograph Kenzie & Chris’s wonderful wedding celebration. The entire féte went down and the beautifully Independence Grove, which is truly a spectacular venue. Unfortunately it was the first true cold day of the Fall, so we didn’t get to utilize…

  3. Cindy & Paul’s Sneak Peek!

    10 Nov 2017
    No, Cindy & Paul are not professional models hired to play a bride & groom, but an actual couple whose wedding we recently had the pleasure of photographing.  We spent an amazing Saturday with Cindy & Paul, galavanting all over downtown Chicago to create some truly spectacular portraits, before settling…

  4. Kristina & Patrick’s Sneak Peek!

    26 Oct 2017
    Recently we travelled north of Chicago to the town of Lincolnshire to photograph a beautiful wedding celebration featuring an even more beautiful couple, Kristina & Patrick. The church ceremony took place at St. Theresa in Palatine, followed by a reception at the amazingly spacious and scenic Lincolnshire Marroitt. In between…

  5. Suzy & Sam’s Sneak Peek!

    01 Oct 2017
    A few Saturdays back we traveled to  Pleasant Plain, Ohio to photograph Suzy and Sam’s beautiful, late-Summer wedding. We’d been looking forward to this occasion for months since being asked to shoot it, and the day did not disappoint. Everything took place on Sam’s family farm, which served as an…

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