Alison & Lauren’s Engagement Session!

This past week we spent an amazing morning photographing recently engaged couple Alison and Lauren. The brides to be, who recently relocated from Chicago to the east coast, were in town for Thanksgiving, so we took advantage of the opportunity—and relatively balmy weather— to meet up and get to know each other (as well shoot some engagement photos, obviously). Alison and Lauren wanted a session that both reflected their personalities, as well as serve as a love letter to their time living in Chicago. First up, we met at the Firecakes truck, as their donuts were Alison and Lauren’s favorites; so much so that they will be serving them at the wedding next September. From there we headed to the Sheridan redline stop, Oak Street Beach, and wrapped up on the Riverwalk for some downtown scenery. These sessions are so fun for us, as we get a true preview of the couples’ personalities before the wedding. But, they’re also great for our clients, as they get to see how we operate, as well as get comfortable in front of the camera. All is all we had a such a great time with these two, and formed an instant bond. September 2018 is a ways a way, but we’re already counting down the days to Alison and Lauren’s wedding— it’s going to be a blast. 

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