Kenzie & Chris’s Sneak Peek!

Recently we traveled north of Chicago to Libertyville, IL to photograph Kenzie & Chris’s wonderful wedding celebration. The entire féte went down and the beautifully Independence Grove, which is truly a spectacular venue. Unfortunately it was the first true cold day of the Fall, so we didn’t get to utilize all the grounds had to offer, but Kenzie & Chris— as well as their up for anything bridal party— were total troopers, braving the cold winds while wearing big smiles, which made for an incredible portrait session. The rest of the evening was filled with laughter, inside jokes, hugs, and some truly inspired dance moves. Kenzie & Chris’s cake topper (which may as well serve as their mission statement) read: Mutual Weirdness Forever, which is a concept we can get behind 100%. Congratulations to Kenzie & Chris. Stay weird, never change. 

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