Francis Marie Photography Blog

  1. Joanna & David Sneak Peek!

    2021-10-14 04:28:48 UTC
    Can we say it one more time: It feels really good to be photographing weddings again, especially when the clients are as awesome as Joanna & David! We traveled to southern Chicago suburbs a few weeks back to capture this amazing couple’s special day, and it did not disappoint. Joanna…

  2. Kelsey & Michael’s Intimate, Backyard Wedding

    2021-08-26 19:45:00 UTC
    Holy cats, it’s great to be back doing what we love! We recently had the absolute pleasure of shooting our first wedding in quite some time (have you heard about this pandemic?), and it could not have been more perfect. Kelsey & Michael hosted an intimate, backyard wedding that was…

  3. An Impromptu Wedding Session!

    2020-07-19 20:02:34 UTC
    Yesterday we had the opportunity to “shoot” a wedding! We were heading out for a walk around the neighborhood when we noticed a young couple in the park getting married. From what we could tell they didn’t have a photographer present (just family with phone cameras) so we asked if…

  4. Laura & Josh Sneak Peek!

    2019-11-19 17:32:34 UTC
    Laura and Josh: what can we say about these two? Are they an amazing couple? Yes. Can they plan a great party? Yes, very much so. Were they a dream to photograph? Absolutely.  We had the pleasure of shooting Laura and Josh’s amazing wedding celebration a few weeks back,…

  5. Christine & Carles Sneak Peek!

    2019-06-04 05:11:04 UTC
    The 2019 wedding season could not have gotten off to a better start, as we were so fortunate to kick things off with Christine and Carles! We say this a bunch—because we’re lucky to have had so many great clients over the years— but these two were so amazing to…

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